Terms & Conditions


Salty Anchor Design offers two standard design service packages for a fixed price.  They are the: 1) Brand Design, and 2) Squarespace Website.

We also provide general graphic design services on an hourly basis.  These services may also include marketing material design, Squarespace website management and MailChimp email template design.


We will schedule a mutually acceptable start date for your fixed-price package once we receive your completed Salty Survey and the required payment.  Generally, we bill fixed-price projects in full prior to beginning work.  In cases where we have agreed to accept a deposit or where you have engaged us on an hourly basis, deposit payments are non-refundable.  Invoices for the balance due on a project or for hourly services that are not settled within 30 days will be assessed a late fee of $25 for every 30 day period your payment remains in arrears.


We put care and thought into each of our designs and every phase of our design process is important.  We carefully consider all conversations with you and the details that you provide to us so we may provide you with the most creative product possible. Our experience has shown us how much time we must allot for revisions at each phase and our prices are based on this experience.  Our pricing assumes our clients have done their part by completing the survey, furnishing examples of other designs they liked, provided a Pinterest board with their collective preferences, and submitted detailed notes that will help us to have an initial idea of the image you seek to project to your target audience. 

If you are unable to provide us with these items in a timely fashion, please be prepared to incur additional hourly charges in addition to the fixed-price, as we help you explore your tastes and preferences and develop the image you seek to project as we refine your design to meet your satisfaction.


Each of our packages follows a process consisting of a series of steps, or phases that provide a certain number or revisions and changes that are generally described on our website and fully described to you prior to purchase.  We submit our work to you for approval at each phase of the package.  If you require more revisions than the package maximum, change decisions you already approved or the expand the scope of the services you require or otherwise cause us to expend additional time and resources through no fault of ours, we reserve the right, after providing you with adequate notice, to charge you for the additional time we reasonably expend.  You will be charged our standard hourly rates.


The time it will take to complete your package after your start date will depend on how promptly you provide feedback and approvals.  Once we start work on a package we will not segment, or pause and restart work.  If you do not answer correspondence from us concerning a project for more than 30 days we will move your project to the back of the queue and reschedule each subsequent phase after we receive your payment.  You may incur additional hourly charges due to this delay. 


Upon project completion and payment in full, we will release the prepared files to you via email or DropBox.


You are responsible for all content that you provide for us to use.  To the best of our knowledge, we believe that the designs we create for you are unique.  If, despite our best efforts, our designs infringe on the intellectual property of a third party, you agree that your sole remedy is for us to provide you with non-infringing designs.


You agree to indemnify us and save us harmless from any damages, costs or losses that we may suffer as a result of suits, actions, causes of action, judgments, including reasonable attorney's fees and claims arising out of the services performed we perform for you. 


Massachusetts law applies and we agree to arbitrate any dispute we may have between us at a location in the greater Boston area according to the rules of the American Arbitration Association.


By providing us with your payment or deposit, you acknowledge you have read and indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions.