3 Key Things to Help your Brand and Website Succeed

I’ve written a lot about SEO and how important it is to a website. But, a website’s successes is so much more than SEO or a ‘pretty’ page design. Building an effective website is a combination of creativity, smart strategy and brand storytelling.

A good designer should be an integral asset in helping their clients succeed and know that it is MUCH more than building just a website. It is about diving deep into the goals of their clients. This requires a combination of caring, empathy, listening, investment, patience, and determination to make one amazing site. It’s about focusing on the intangible parts of design. Communicating messaging with simplicity while creating a visual experience that is pleasing to the end user.

Why 2017 is the Perfect Time to Rebrand

2017 is just around the corner and with the start of a new year comes new beginnings. It’s the time to explore our goals and dreams for the year ahead. No matter where you are in your business journey — whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned business owner — today, I’m excited to share why now is the perfect time to rebrand.

Squarespace SEO: The Top 3 Myths

There are a lot of Squarespace naysayers out there who believe that Squarespace will jeopardize their SEO if they switch from a different platform. But fret not. From research and experience I know these are just not true. Below are the top 5 misconceptions about Squarespace and SEO.

The Best SEO Checklist for Launching Your Squarespace Website

One of the most helpful strategies for any website owner is to improve your SEO – or search engine optimization. Essentially, SEO is a bunch of strategies which improve your website's ranking in search engine results so your potential audience sees your website when they search online. Let’s dive into some easy, actionable SEO steps to get your Squarespace site up to speed!

Squarespace or Wordpress? A Guide for Choosing the Right Platform

Squarespace vs WordPress is a question I get asked often, and a rather tricky one to answer. Both platforms are super popular and very reputable with millions of active users. And, because Squarespace is a website builder, while Wordpress is an open-source platform, it’s like comparing the strength of boxers belonging to different weight categories. 

Top Reasons To Hire A Designer For Your Squarespace Site

With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and amazing online resources, it's no wonder people are looking for the best DIY website. Squarespace is terrific for allowing non-webbies to build a beautiful website with little-to-no knowledge of code. But, as we can often learn from a DIY gone bad, (hello, Pinterest fail!) sometimes great results need to be left for the experts. 

Web Design 101 - Understanding User Experience Design

Creating a Squarespace account and choosing your favourite template gives you a good shot at being able to create a nice-looking website by just swapping out the content and images from the existing theme with your own. But what if you want more than out-of-the-box? In today’s highly competitive online landscape, going beyond the template and flexing your web design muscle is just one way to stand out against the masses and get noticed!