Jenn Wilson

Branding + Squarespace Specialist. Graphic Designer. Nap Enthusiast. Dog Obsessed.  


After graduating from University and feeling lost in what my next life steps would be, (and not too keen to jump into the workforce) I jumped into Graphic Design School on recommendation from my mom. It made total sense! I loved art and design since before I can remember.

What started as an affection for art and colouring turned into building my first website at the age of twelve.

I loved exploring the design possibilities on my family computer and turning hand-drawn sketches into full-blown digital creations. There was something so magical about seeing my work on a screen and that magic has stayed with me after all these years. Receiving my Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design was one of the best life choices I’ve made to date.


After graduating I jumped into my first real design job for a small Marketing and Public Relations Agency. The hands-on work I was able to create for real clients (you know, unlike those made-up-client school projects) was invaluable. A lot of what I learned during my four years with the Agency has stayed with me nearly 10 years later. I’ve had a handful of jobs since those early years and with each one, I’ve gained the expertise and know-how that only hands-on experience can teach you. My branding expertise has been honed and web design skills perfected. I’ve even added Project Manager and Art Director to my CV.